Magic Keyboard Cleaner Gel Sticky Jelly Destop Laptop Computer Dust Remover

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I believe most people are bothering by the dust and dirt of the keyboard of computer. However, most of the cleaning tools in the market can't totally remove the dust and dirt. Made of premium material, the sticky gel can effectively help you with this problem. It can melt into the keyboard and remove the dust in the keyboard without leaving any residues. Choose one and keep things clean and new.


- Color: As shown.
- Material: Boracic acid and preservative.
- Size: About 12.5 x 17 x 1cm/4.9 x 6.7 x 0.4inch.
- Pick up dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones and printers.
- It won't leave residues and keep your hands clean.
- Dust and dirt in gaps will be absorbed by the compound by pressing the cleaning compound onto the surfaces.
- Can be used for many times until the cleaning compound turns into dark color.